If you’re between 20 and 35, this is huge news. Here’s why:

New jobs and businesses

The legal cannabis industry is booming worldwide, and South Africa is poised to be a major player. This means new opportunities for young people to get involved in a growing industry, from cultivation and processing to retail and tourism.

Enjoy responsibly

Let’s be honest, many people already enjoy cannabis. Legalization will allow adults to do so safely and legally, without the risk of arrest or criminal charges. This means you can relax and enjoy cannabis without the stress.

Peace, not crime

The illegal cannabis trade is often linked to crime and violence. Legalization will take the power away from criminals and put it in the hands of responsible businesses. This will make our communities safer for everyone.

Justice served

Many people have been unfairly criminalized for cannabis possession in the past. Legalization will help to right this wrong by expunging the records of those convicted of cannabis offences. This is a step towards a more just society.

The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill is currently open for public comment until October 13, 2023. Make your voice heard and help shape the future of cannabis in South Africa! Let’s make it a future that benefits everyone, especially young people like you.