About Us

Welcome to The 420 Doctor, one of the first fully legal medical cannabis dispensaries in South Africa.

We are committed to providing effective and comprehensive care to our patients while actively promoting the safe and responsible use of cannabis.

We oblige to all ethical and legal standards. We hold the necessary licenses and certifications, from Synergy Wellness, to prescribe medical cannabis and issue internationally recognised medical cannabis cards. Our operations are fully compliant with South African regulations, and all products come from licensed facilities. All of our products are approved by SAPHRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority), ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality cannabis treatments available.

We also understand the importance of education and awareness when it comes to cannabis and are dedicated to providing extensive information to our patients and the wider community. We want to contribute to the growth and understanding of cannabis. It is more than just a medical plant; it’s a thriving community and vibrant culture.

At the 420 Doctor, we celebrate this culture and aim to represent all facets of it.